How to Stay Safe in Your Home

  • Learn the cues the abuser gives you prior to becoming abusive.

  • When anger erupts, stay in a spacious room with more than one exit - such as the living room.

  • When possible, remove weapons from home.

  • Either you or the abuser leave the house for awhile to cool off.

  • Take the time to think through a plan of action in case you must quickly flee the home.

  • Keep the children safe by putting the baby in their bed or sending the children to their rooms.  Children can accidentally be hurt during the abusive outbursts.

  • Develop a safety plan for calling the police in an emergency.  Even the youngest child can dial 911.  If you don't have a phone, come up with a code word to give your child when you want them to run to a neighbor's house and call 911.

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