Rape Risk Reduction Message for Teens

  1. You always have the right to say no to sexual activity.

  2. You have the right to set sexual limits before a date by discussing them with your partner.

  3. Be assertive.

  4. Stay Sober:  Watch out for dates who try to get you drunk or high.

  5. Don't leave a party with someone you don't know well.

  6. Consider using the buddy system at parties.

  7. Trust your feelings and intuition; if it feels wrong, it probably is.

  8. People are responsible for their own behavior.

  9. Never force anyone to have sex or engage in sexual activity.

  10. Never try to talk someone into having sex.

  11. Sex is not a game or contest.

  12. If you are confused about what your partner wants or is thinking, ASK THEM!

  13. Communicate with your friends and dates about sexual assault; educate them if necessary.



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